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Cocain Board

Small practical Cocaine Board

If you are looking for stylish cocaine board, you will definitely love this board. This high-quality wooden board delights with an elegant design that is completely timeless. Moreover, it is suitable for much more than just use as a cocaine board. First of all, the smooth side is sure to attract attention. It is delicious to have breakfast or prepare food on. But this noble side is also suitable for other objects as a platform for presentation. The other side, which has even grooves, proves to be incredibly practical. Something like this is important for a cocaine board. But these are not all the advantages of this Cocaine Board.

The processing of the Cocaine Board

The Cocaine Board gets its special look from the high-quality wood and the successful processing. The renewable raw material is ideal for preparing food and as a cutting board, because the tannic acid content in the wood has an antibacterial effect. These properties are also noticeable in the easy cleaning. The two different sides of the board are typical. While one side is smooth, the other side has grooves. This side can be used for working, but it also ensures good footing on all surfaces.

Versatile Cocaine Board

The many different uses can hardly all be listed. Everyone can be creative and will certainly discover new uses for the Cocaine Board again and again. The beautiful side is ideal as a background for certain objects or pictures. Since it has holes on the grooved side, the board can also be hung up and becomes a noble frame for a special souvenir photo. On the computer or laptop, the Cocaine Board becomes a noble mouse pad or in a book a bookmark. The side with the grooves can also be used for storage. Here you can also deposit the ashes of a cigarette, which lie safely in the grooves.

Easy cleaning of the Cocaine Board

The advantages are also evident in everyday cleaning. Instead of using strong cleaning agents or a dishwasher, it is sufficient to clean the Cocaine Board with water and a sponge. If it has become more intensively soiled, the sponge can also be coarser or made of wire. In such a case, a little washing-up liquid in the water can sometimes help. But that is enough to quickly make the Cocaine Board usable again.

Why everyone needs a Cocaine Board

Elegant and flexible in use. That really applies to the Cocaine Board. No household should be without such a board, because the possible uses are so varied that really everyone will get great use out of it. Thanks to the high-quality material and workmanship, you will have a lot of fun with this board for a long time and you can also give this joy to other people with such a Cocaine Board.