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Sushi Board

Small practical Sushi Board

With the Sushi Board, you not only get a particularly beautiful board for serving and eating sushi, but also a versatile wooden board. First of all, everyone will certainly notice the beautiful smooth side. There you can see the grain of the wood and recognise at first glance the high-quality and careful workmanship of the sushi board. This side is not only suitable for sushi, but also for all kinds of objects that can be presented in style on it. With the back, which is characterised by even grooves, the Sushi Board not only has a secure stand on various surfaces, but also a real working side with which all kinds of things can be done.

The workmanship of the Sushi Board

The Sushi Board is made of beautiful wood. This gives it a noble and timeless look. But it is not only the look that is convincing, but also the other capabilities of this renewable raw material. When used as a sushi board, people are sure to cut on it. In the process, the special property that the tannic acid content in the wood ensures is that it has an antibacterial effect. Therefore, there is no need to worry about cleaning the sushi board. It is easy to clean and even much more hygienic than a board made of plastic. This is especially important when using it as a sushi board. In contrast to the smooth side, the other side has even grooves. These provide even more possibilities for use.

Versatile Sushi Board

If you use a sushi board like this, you can let your imagination run wild. The possible uses are almost unlimited. Sushi and other meals can be served or prepared, but other things can also be presented on it. Since it can also be hung on the wall, it can also be used as a background for notes or photos. If you use the side with the grooves, you can place objects on it that can easily slip or roll away. The Sushi Board is also suitable as an ashtray or for incense sticks. The ashes are not easily blown away by the grooves. If you have two Sushi Boards, you can even crack nuts with them. These are just a few of the ways in which this wooden board can be put to good use.

Easy cleaning of the Sushi Board

No matter what you have done with the Sushi Board, the cleaning will always be done pleasantly fast. No special care products and no dishwasher are needed. All you need is water and a sponge. If the dirt is a little more stubborn, you can also use a somewhat stronger sponge or add a splash of washing-up liquid to the water. But that is enough to get the sushi board ready for the next use.

Why everyone needs a Sushi Board

The versatility paired with the successful timeless design makes this sushi board a real must-have that no household should be without. Thanks to the beautiful surface and the clear design, it adapts to any interior style. This makes this wooden board a practical and good-looking tool that is guaranteed to give you a lot of pleasure for a long time.