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Small practical Nutcracker

This Nutcracker offers infinitely more possibilities. Not only delicious nuts can be cracked between two of these boards. It has a characteristically beautiful smooth side that can be used as a classy board for meals of all kinds. But this side can be used in other ways as well. It is an attractive background for presenting various things and pictures. In addition, there is another side that stands out because of its even grooving. This rough side can be used for various functions. Last but not least, it helps the board to always lie securely and not to slip easily.

The workmanship of the Nutcracker

The high-quality workmanship of the Nutcracker is striking even at first glance. It looks noble and timeless. Since it is made of wood and shows a beautiful grain, each Nutcracker is a real original. In addition to the fascinating look, the renewable raw material wood offers other advantages. Above all, one should not forget the property that the tannic acid content of the wood provides an antibacterial effect. Therefore, the Nutcracker is also excellent for preparing and cutting food. This is a really hygienic solution that is much better than any plastic board that is normally available in the shops. On the side with the grooves you can also use different functions and not only crack nuts.

Versatile Nutcracker

If you are not only looking for a high-quality Nutcracker for cracking nuts and preparing and eating food, but also a great base for displaying special items, you will love this Nutcracker. The high-quality wood matches any interior style, so it’s always a great way to display a special collectible, for example. Through the holes on the side with the grooves, it can also be hung up and thus serve as a background for photos or notes. The rough side is also suitable for storing pens, for example, or as an ashtray.

The easy cleaning of the Nutcracker

This Nutcracker is not only visually appealing, but also exemplary in terms of care. No special cleaning agents are needed and no dishwasher either. All you need is a little water and a sponge. The Nutcracker is clean again in no time and ready for the next use. If it does get a little dirty, you can add a little washing-up liquid to the water and also use a stronger sponge. In any case, the cleaning will be done quickly.

Why everyone needs a Nutcracker

This board is not only the best solution for nutcrackers. If you are looking for a versatile nutcracker that inspires with a timeless design and can be used in a variety of ways, you won’t want to miss this wooden board. Due to the material and the workmanship, this purchase will last for a long time and will certainly offer new ideas and a lot of fun again and again.