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Sausage Platter

Small practical Sausage Platter

This Sausage Platter convinces with its many different uses. It has a beautiful side with which, for example, many objects can be skilfully presented, and a fluted side that is incredibly practical and helpful. At the same time, the Sausage Platter also impresses with its high-quality workmanship and easy care. Thanks to the timeless look and above all the many possibilities for use, everyone will enjoy this Sausage Platter.

The workmanship of the Sausage Platter

This original Sausage Platter is made of wood, which gives it its noble look. With this renewable raw material, it comes with many advantages, which makes it so versatile. When used as a chopping board, the tannic acid content of the wood ensures that it has an antibacterial effect. This also explains why cleaning and therefore hygiene is so much better with this Sausage Platter than with a plastic board. In addition to the smooth side, which is ideal for cutting work but also for presenting various things, the other side has even grooves. This gives the Sausage Platter not only a non-slip stand on all surfaces, which is also important for a picnic in the countryside, for example, but also other uses.

Versatile Sausage Platter

The possible uses of the Sausage Platter are unlimited. It is ideal for presenting various objects or for arranging food. It is also ideal as a base for notes, a mouse pad, a chopping board or as a background for a beautiful photo. The side with the grooves can be used for many things. In addition, there are three holes on this side, with which the board can be hung up or incense sticks can be placed. The ash then falls into the grooves and cannot be blown away so easily.

The easy cleaning of the Sausage Platter

As practical and versatile as the Sausage Platter is, it is also easy and uncomplicated to clean. It is best to clean it with water and a sponge. Depending on the intended use, the sponge can be a little rougher or a little washing-up liquid can be added to the water. That is quite sufficient. After that, it is immediately ready for use again. The Sausage Platter should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Why everyone needs a Sausage Platter

Timeless design combined with an infinite number of uses, that is the mixture that this particular Sausage Platter offers. In every household, there are countless occasions where it can take on an appealing as well as helpful role. Not only will you enjoy this Sausage Platter for a long time, but you will discover a new fascinating use for it every day.