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Wooden Nutcracker

Small practical Wooden Nutcracker

A Wooden Nutcracker comes in many varieties. If you are looking for a particularly versatile example, you will certainly be delighted with these two wooden boards. Two of these boards can not only serve as Wooden Nutcracker, but have countless other functions and uses. While you can have a wonderful breakfast on the smooth side, it is also suitable for presentations. The grooved side can provide further uses that can be completely adapted to individual preferences. Last but not least, the beautiful workmanship must also be mentioned, which not only ensures the successful appearance, but also that this Wooden Nutcracker is easy to maintain.

The workmanship of the Wooden Nutcracker

This Wooden Nutcracker is made of wood for a reason. This is not only responsible for the noble grain and the great look, but also offers other positive characteristics. Wood is a renewable raw material that is also popular as a breakfast board because of its tannic acid content. If you cut something on this surface, the antibacterial effect becomes apparent. There is also no need to worry about cleaning. Wooden nutcrackers are far more hygienic than one made of plastic, which, strictly speaking, is difficult to clean thoroughly. On the side with the grooves, for example, things can be placed that should not slip away, such as pens, among other things.

Versatile Wooden Nutcracker

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to using the Wooden Nutcracker. Of course, you can crack nuts very well between two of these boards, but it is also great for having breakfast or arranging delicious dishes. But also special objects get a special platform with this Wooden Nutcracker on which they can present themselves. Through the holes on the grooved back, you can also attach photos or notes to the Wooden Nutcracker and hang them on the wall. The side with the grooves is also suitable as an ashtray, where everything falls into the grooves and does not blow away so quickly.

The easy cleaning of the Wooden Nutcracker

This Wooden Nutcracker not only looks good, it is also easy to clean. This is important, because you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and caring for it. It is usually sufficient to clean it with a sponge and clean water. If the soiling is a little more intense, you can also use a rougher sponge and mix some washing-up liquid into the water. You don’t need a dishwasher for this. Immediately afterwards, the Wooden Nutcracker is ready for the next use.

Why everyone needs a Wooden Nutcracker

Practical, versatile and a pleasant, high-quality design that never goes out of fashion. These are already many points that speak for this Wooden Nutcracker. Surely everyone can find numerous ways in which this board can be a great help in everyday life. At the same time, this Wooden Nutcracker also impresses with its durability.